The Home

The Home, 2015, 04:13, color, sound

“The Home” is a collaborative project done by several members within the Kula Collective. The project exhibited at a feminist festival LUCKY FIRST! IT IS A GIRL!, held at the Youth Cultural Center’s Gallery, between 7-9 March, 2015.

The Video Installation transforms the exhibition space, by challenging its rules. We wanted to recreate a space that provokes the sense of belonging to the visitor. The space has several rooms: the living room, the kitchen, and toilet, all of them semi functional. The setting leaves room for the audience to engage, by providing opportunities for intervention in the space surrounding them.

The living room hosts video projection, taken in the same space, for the purpose of creating a narrative that emphasizes the functionality of the space, using the method of repetition. A moment is repeated in continuity, as a certain space becomes a home, by repeating the same or similar activities, over and over, throughout time.

Leading actor: Natasha Peceva