Down Underground / Everything is Desperate

Down Underground / Everything is Desperate, 2014, 04:48, color, sound

“Down Underground” a video installation exhibited during the festival “Underground, you breathe easily”, on 27th of December 2014 in Skopje. It is a collaborative project done by Amir Karahasan, Jovan Bliznakovski, Ivana Mircevska and Natasha Nedelkova.

It consists of an installation, video work “Everything is desperate” and a sculpture. The reality of gallery space for the emerging art scene gave us the reason to build the atmosphere of the “white cube” in the public garage where the event has happened. The sculpture in this case is a sofa, and a regular TV becomes a dark room for video screenings.

The video reflects an homage to the Alfred Jarry phenomenon: we asked Beckett for a meaning and he turned his back to us, and said “The Unnamable”. The text is written by chance, yet the choices are made by us. The video material is gathered during the most unnecessary moments of everyday life.