After YU

After YU, 2015, 11:36, color, sound

The presented material is composed of chronologically arranged sequences recorded during the three-week journey through the territory of former Yugoslavia, August 2015.

This video explores the position of discourse in the era of post-representative art works. The idea to create a work in which the narration functions as a comment is appropriated from the work of the cinematographer Jean Rouch.

He investigates this issue in his movie Jaguar (1967). The characters generate the narrative with temporal distance, while watching the footage. Their discourse is unpredictable, non-imposed and free.

We decided to research these issues, despite the plan to promote a film that is unavailable online. Not found on Soulseek, Zamunda, nor UbuWeb. Although, UbuWeb has at least one film from this director.

Special thanks to Marko Gutič Mižimakov, who shared the contents of this film with Natasha Nedelkova, who verbally reconstructed her audiovisual experience.

Performed by Natasha Nedelkova, Amir Karahasan, Ivana Mircevska and Jovan Bliznakovski.